Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday Love: Love to Learn

This week I am loving online classes. O.K., so maybe just a little too much as I have a few waiting to be completed and I've just signed up for a couple more. Online classes are the best! They can be squeezed in around the everyday stuff and can be very inexpensive. Having said that, I stumbled across some super expensive ones too this week, but I won't be signing up for those.

So the classes I have yet to complete are "Artsy Bangles" and "Bless this Mess" from Christy Tomlinson (and Junelle Jacobson). These classes are time sensitive and so I really need to get on and have a go. I've done a couple of classes with Christy before and they are always packed with ideas.

I've also signed up for "Finding your Photo Style" over on Big Picture Classes. I've done quite a few Big Picture Classes in the past and I would recommend them. There's a great choice of scrapbooking/photography classes to choose from and no expiry date to the class materials. Some are only open for class registration at certain times but other short classes are available permanently. They also have their own e-books.

And finally I've signed up for two classes on the Skillshare website. This is a new one for me but my friend Faye is teaching the first one - "The Art of Typography" . I couldn't resist signing up for this one too - "Reign Repeats - create perfect repeat patterns", even though I'm not really expecting to have a go at it until Autumn (I'll miss the competition that's attached to the class, but these are skills I really want to learn).

As you can see, that's quite a range of classes! My head is a bit all over the place at the moment as the Boy starts school in September and so I am trying to work out which way to take my freelance work. The workplace I entered 15 years ago as a freelance artist/crafter has changed enormously. I didn't even own a computer for the first three years I was self employed. I am going to have to go back to basics, with drawing skills and computer skills too.

There are more classes on my wish list too... Alisa Burke's classes "Sketchbook Delight" and "Anti Scrapbooking" and also "Drawing and Painting for Textile Design" which is an online 8 week class run by Central St Martins University.

( I have also taken classes with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Shimelle Laine and Donna Downey - and I would recommend them all too)

Does anyone know any good online classes for learning Photoshop!?

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