Thursday, 2 May 2013

A new Fimo bead necklace

When I run Fimo demonstrations and workshops I end up with quite a few single beads or maybe 2 or 3 that match. I have a large bag of these beads now and I fancied making myself a new necklace.

This is my everyday necklace. I get lots of lovely comments about it and it works as a permanent advert for what I can make. I find it particularly handy when I am explaining my job to people to just take it off and hand it over and say "I make these"! There are four different types of beads on here from a workshop and a demonstration.

I am feeling bright and sunny now I can see blue skies again and so I decided I wanted a more colourful necklace to wear. I chose lots of different beads from the bag and strung them together with some metal spacers beads.

As all the beads are different, I found the spacer beads that match make the non-matching beads look more intentional.

Happy bead face!


  1. Fab necklaces Emy! Your talents are endless, you make so many lovely things :)
    C xx