Thursday, 16 May 2013

A stencil and some embossing powder

I had an idea to try to use a stencil with a Versamark inkpad and embossing powder. For my stencil I used an old piece of die-cut card stock. This was my first attempt. It hasn't come out particularly clearly as I meant to put white embossing powder on the page but sprinkled clear powder on instead - oops! So I wiped it off and started again but the page was still a little sticky and the design didn't come out completely clearly. Fortunately for this page, with a seaside theme, I think it has worked rather well (a bit reminiscent of breaking waves).

I finished off the page with a bit of machine stitching. I have a confession... I was really impatient and didn't swap in the old needle I use for sewing on paper, I just used the new one already in there - naughty me!
I really like the fine detail that the stitching adds to the page.

I think I will definitely try again with the stencil and embossing powder.


  1. Just found your blog via UKS Blogathon ... I love this page, the embossing has turned out well!

  2. Love the idea of embossing through a stencil, must try it! The page looks fabulous :-)

  3. I never change my needle - I'm way too impatient for that and probably too forgetful to remember where I will have stored my 'paper' needle :-)

    Fabbo layout and sounds like you had great fun trialling out the stencil with embossing powder- fun is the name of the game :-)

  4. I love the LO. I have never used a stencil I am inspired x