Friday, 31 December 2010

Lions into Elephants

Now that Christmas has passed I can share some of my crafty projects I been working on over the last month or two, as they were mostly presents. This was the project I set myself to make some of the little boys we know - a lion which turns into an elephant. I've heard it's been a hit with the little ones who got one.

The knitting pattern comes from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson. I really enjoyed kniting these and I learnt to knit in the round using double-ended needles which I hadn't tried before.

Here's what the lions turned into...

And here's how they work...

Happy New Year! I'll be back with more present projects soon.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

My favourite non-crafty blog is by Owlcity because he has a beautiful way of writing and takes great pictures. I wanted to add this link in today as this is what Christmas is all about for us (with a little of what's shown in the photo above too :) Click HERE and have a listen.

Happy Christmas

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sparkly Snowflakes

This seems such an appropriate title for a project today! Come over to Bubbly Scrumptious to see more about these gift tags :)

Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas envelopes

It's become part of my Christmas routine to stamp the envelopes of my Christmas cards, as I put so much work into the cards it seems a shame to send them in boring envelopes. I'm particularly pleased with this year's envelopes as they look quite classy. I used a Viva Decor stamp and some Distress Ink and I've learnt over the years that sometimes images look even better when they are falling off an edge.

Holiday Lights

This week on "Picture the Holidays" we've been looking at different lights and how to capture them. This has meant that I've got out my camera manual and I've been learning what some of the buttons do!

1th Dec - Looking at creating light images with a slow shutter speed. I really enjoyed playing with this technique and got a very satisfactory result with my little point-and-shoot (which I saw referred to as a PHD camera while looking at online tutorials - "Press Here Dummy"!)

Here are some hearts...

And here is our tree. We are having an unusual Christmas photo competition at church and I'm thinking I might enter this one...

13th Dec - Looking for the divine

Dec 16th - Playing with the bokeh effect using Chrismtas lights.
Here's our tree again...

17th Dec - Today's prompt was about a candle's glow. This is another photo from my friend's candlelit wedding, as was the "Divine" shot above.

I hope these pictures have given you a warm festive glow. I have been doing lots of other crafting too, but it's all secret until Christmas!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Starting to feel like Christmas

When does it start to feel like Christmas at your house? For some of my friends it's when they see the Christmas Coca-cola advert for the first time. For some members of my family it's putting up the tree on Christmas Eve. For me it feels like Christmas when I see the first of the Christmas milk bottle tops sitting on our doorstep in the morning.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Taking better photos

I'm really enjoying the "Picture the Holidays" photography class in taking at Big Picture. It's a great way to be creative around the kids, as they are frequently the subject of my photos anyway and they quite like to help Mummy with her homework. I have a Fuji Finepix point and shoot, and I'm really happy with it. I'm sure I can get it to work even better though if I learn what all the buttons do!

I've just found a new photography blog called my3boybarians which looks great and it has a fab section called "31 days to a Better Photo". Maybe this could be my New Year's resolution?
Here are some more pictures from "Picture the Holidays"...
Dec 6th - It's the small things, finding little details. I noticed this echinacea in our garden made a star shape on the top. This is one of my favourite photos I've taken and I haven't fiddled about with the colours or focus afterwards. I think it shows my composition and technique is improving.
Dec 7th - Self portrait. I did change the colours and focus on Picnik for this one.
Dec 8th - Reflections. I found this the hardest challenge so far, as all I was getting was pictures of me holding my camera!
Dec 9th - Looking for a sign. Finding words as a sign to point your way in the holidays...

We're putting up our tree today, so I'm looking forward to playing with some bokeh photos later.

Feeling Festive

I love this picture of my three in the snow a few weeks ago and I couldn't wait to scrap it. It's my Bubby Scrumptious post for this week so you can see more details here.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Three little robins

This month's challenge on Vanilla Sugar was to make a Christmas banner. I started out arranging the pieces horizontally, but they just wouldn't work like that. I think it looks much better like this. Check out the other banners by clicking here.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Picture the holidays

I've started a new class at Big Picture this week called "Picture the Holidays" with Tracey Clark. We receive e-mails every day with a new theme. The standard of photography in the gallery is outstanding and I was a little overwhelmed on the first couple of days, but it's pushing me to try new things and take better photos rather than just settle for the first image I've thought of.

Dec 1st - Holding onto gratitude.

Dec 2nd - Frame the season

Dec 3rd - All you need is love, include a heart.

Dec 4th - You hold the key, what gives you peace of mind instead of the busyness of Christmas.

Dec 5th - The view from here, a landscape

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Paper Stars

This week's post over on Bubbly Scrumptious includes a link I found on Youtube about how to make these paper stars. They are really easy and can be made with any square scraps of double sided patterned paper. To see more click here.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Memory Stars

At church this week we are selling memory stars for our regeneration project. It's quite a popular fund raising activity and I've seen it done in a few places. A star is bought for a small price (ours are £1) and then you can write a loved one's name on the back and hang it on a communal tree. It is usually done with plain cardboard stars, but we have to go one step further! My friend Jo and I decorated 100 stars this week .