Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday Love : Live Music

Time for a little mid-week happiness and this week it's all about live music. Last Friday my friend and I went to Cardiff to see Mcfly. It was so brilliant! I love going to see bands play live and I have a vast collection of tickets, and memorabilia from the various shows I've been over the years. O.K., so here comes the strange bit - I have never scrapbooked any of it.

I love being at a gig, with that all-encompassing experience of the music and the lights and the people , with the bass and drums thumping in your chest and beams of light streaming over the audience. I can't begin to get my head around capturing that on a scrapbook page. My friend took this great photo above, which would be a fantastic start to a page but then I stall and can't imagine what to put with it. Maybe a Project life style page with loads of photos would work??

Have you ever scrapped photos/tickets from a gig? I'd love to see your pages.

For more midweek happiness, here's my favourite Mcfly song at the moment, which hasn't been released yet but sounds amazing live...RED

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the concert Emy and I know what you mean about trying to capture the moment. Sorry I don't scrapbook but I Project Life style page would work great with the dates in chronological order with the ticket stubs, ephemora and photos stuck along side. :)