Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wednesday Love: I Love Paris

We have been away for a week to one of my favourite places - Paris. We went to do the Disney thing with the kids but managed to catch the train into Paris for a day.

We spent a lovely hot sunny day by the banks of the Seine. We started by the Eiffel Tower and walked along to the Musee D'Orsay. It was a great place to take the kids. When we got there I ran into the bookshop and bought their guide book "My Little Orsay" which highlighted 10 paintings and sculptures. We looked through the book over lunch in the restaurant and then went to find some of the items. I particularly enjoyed showing the kids the Pointillism paintings, so they could see all the tiny dots up close. The Boy surprised us at being good at spotting paintings by Cezanne (not bad for a 4 year old!).

We took a Batobus (a boat bus) down the river, playing on the quay while we waited for it to arrive.

We stopped off at Notre Dame, where we stumbled across a big procession coming out of the church with the bells ringing loudly. 

We would definitely love to come back again another year.

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