Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wednesday Love: I love Bristol

I love living near Bristol. It is such a vibrant city with fabulous things going on all the time - most of which are free! Last weekend was the annual Balloon Fiesta. We took a picnic, sat just outside the gates and viewed all the balloons taking off (as inside the gates is a huge scrum of people and a very loud funfair). We counted 92 balloons in total.

I am training my children well! The blonde one pointed at this balloon (below) and said what a great quilt this would make. I think she's right.

We've got the Kite festival coming up in a couple of weeks, which is held in the same place as the balloons. The Harbour festival happened a little while ago and there is also Upfest, which is the largest street art festival in Europe. Bristol is just brilliant.

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  1. Yes and don't forget you had the fabulous Gromit statues hidden in your city too. :)