Monday, 5 August 2013

Sock animals

We are enjoying the lazy mornings of the summer holidays and we have started getting creative during the days. I bought a brilliant book called "Sock and Glove" by Miyako Kanamori about making soft toys with socks and gloves. It is beautifully written to show to kids as there is a little story about the animals coming into being at the front with instructions in the back. 

One very long stripey sock became a zebra, with the blonde one (aged 8) doing all the sewing - mostly by hand with a little go on the sewing machine too. The cat was made from two socks left over from a sock puppet craft kit we had a while ago. The ginger one (age 6) had a go at the simpler sewing with a little help from me to finish it off. The kids are so proud or their creations.

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