Thursday, 8 August 2013

An origami crane mobile

The blonde one spent an afternoon at my parents house last week making origami cranes and then the next morning at our house she made more so we decided to thread them all together to make a mobile.

We found two sticks in the garden and she would wool around them to decorate them, with more wool wound around the centre to make the cross. I threaded the cranes onto embroidery threads with knots to stop them slipping down the thread, which were simply tied in a loop and hung on the sticks.

The mobile has turned out beautifully and the blonde one is really happy with her creation.

I guess these photos also show a little of our colourful house! One day the girls' bedroom will be decorated properly but for now it is a mishmash of a large wall mural I painted when they were babies along with a very bright pink chosen by a 4 year old! As they get older the decor is also "enhanced" with drawing, school work and posters from Moshi Monsters magazines. I love looking at the beautiful, creative kids rooms as featured in magazines such as Mollie Makes but, for now, we are happy letting them have a colourful space they can call their own.

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  1. Well done to your daughter those cranes are great and what a fantastic mobile. As to the kids room - it is their room and should reflect there characters so leave it.

    I painted Tracy Beaker on my daughter's bedroom wall where it stayed until she was 11. haha.