Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wednesday Love: We love cardboard boxes

My little bit of midweek happiness this week is all about cardboard boxes - We love cardboard boxes! A couple of weeks ago the Boy announced it was his favourite toy's birthday and that the toy needed a house to live in as well as birthday presents, cake, party etc etc. This is a picture of Doggie's house being decorated. Apparently Doggie likes things that are multicoloured!

We have 6 weeks of summer holiday approaching where I will have all 3 kids at home, all the time, for the first time (instead of having 1 or 2 in nursery). I am saving every cardboard box that comes into our house. The girls are already planning the houses they want to make for their toys. I think we could have a cardboard box metropolis taking over our house by the time we get to September.

I appears that we aren't the only people who love cardboard boxes though. My most popular post on here (by a huge margin) is "Cardboard Box Castles" - which has been viewed nearly 4000 times!


  1. Cardboard boxes are the best...... have you read the story "Beryl's Box" to your little ones? It's by Lisa Taylor. My kids loved it when they were small. (they are now 21 and 17 lol)


    1. Thanks Tracey, I'll have to have a look at that book :)