Monday, 8 July 2013

Flowers for the teacher

It's that time of year again when it's nearly summer holidays and I like to think of something for the kids to make their teachers to say thank you for the year. It's a bit of a tricky one, as I like to try to give a gift to the teachers that is from the kids and not from us, but is something they might really like! I came up with these flower brooches this year made with two layers of felt and a layer of fabric. The girls chose the fabric and felt colours, and the colour of the threads too.

This is the flower for the blonde one's teacher.  The blonde one has a bit more sewing experience (she's 8 now) and so we did a little bit of back stitch in the centre, although she struggled to sew on the beads so after having a good go, she passed it over to me.

The ginger one made this flower for her teacher. She is only 6 so we stuck to running stitch around the edge of the felt flowers with a pretty button in the centre.

A little badge back stitched onto the back and they were finished. The ginger one enjoyed making it so much, she wants to make one for her teaching assistant too.

The girls made some thank you cards too, to go with the gifts.

I hope their teachers like them. 


  1. Oh Emy these little gifts are soo cute and how lovely that the girls did them more or less by themselves, their cards are fab too. I bet their teachers are thrilled with such a thoughtful gift

  2. Their teachers should sing the praises to the max for your daughters completing these projects - they're fab. I could do with making one like this to help cover a mark on one of my tops; it would look so pretty and salvage the top :-)

  3. Lovely flowers and your girls did a fab job on the cards x

  4. These are gorgeous, I love the beads and the button to give a lovely finishing touch. It's the end of my daughter's first year of school, and I was just debating whether she should make something for the Thank you, or whether I should. I might give her teacher something from each of us! x

  5. Oh they are gorgeous and I love love love the cards!