Thursday, 11 July 2013

Papier mache birdie

Recently the ginger one had to make a space rocket as part of a school project. I love these projects that the school sets as they always end with an exhibition of all the kids work and there is such a great variety of imaginative projects, from small intricate Lego constructions to huge cardboard box creations. With all the papier mache equipment out on the table I couldn't resist having a play too.

Here's my little bird. I made his body by scrunching up newspaper around the wire legs I had bent into shape. I then papier mached a layer of book paper over the newspaper, with a final layer of tissue paper over the top. I used Prima "crystals and pearls" for his eyes.

Here's the space rocket...

My other kids also couldn't resist joining in, so the blonde one made a giraffe ( it still needs some wobbly eyes)...

... and the boy didn't want to be left out so he decorated a tube, which he is very proud of.


  1. These are fantastic models. Love your bird, might have to have a go at this over the summer holidays.

    Hope your children's models have pride of place. :)

  2. Great models, love them all.
    C xx

  3. fabulous models... you should read 'Giraffes Can't Dance' with the Giraffe maker - lovely book about Gerald the Giraffe... you could make that giraffe dance and act out the story! Gosh I am such a primary school teacher - can't you tell i did that once! Happy scrapping, jenx

    1. We love "Giraffes can't Dance!" xx

  4. Lovely bird, so cute & the kids models are fab.