Saturday, 16 April 2011

Having fun with Fimo

Today marked my return to Fimo demonstrations after a 7 year gap (due to having kids). It was really nice that my first demo was a HobbyCraft Bristol, as I used to work there many moons ago and so I felt at home and a little less nervous than I would have been otherwise. Demonstrating Fimo used to be a main part of my freelance work and I travelled all over the country. I felt like I had a really good day and I haven't lost my touch! I spoke to lots of customers and most went to buy Fimo afterwards.

I spent some of the day making samples of the great new Fimo Starter kits for kids. They are so fun!

A group of ladies sat with me for a while as they were interested in making their own beads and had started playing with ideas last week. We chatted for ages and when one mentioned she had a pasta machine, it was a great excuse to get mine out and show how to make a Skinner blend and then turn it into a cane. Here's the rose cane we made based on the Trueleigh rose cane by Leigh Ross.


  1. They are absolutely fantastic. I have never managed to get away from fimo but I think if I had been there I would have been tempted to buy :0)

  2. Love the Easter chicks! Glad you had a good day
    Alison xx