Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A New Year's resolution

A bit of a strange title for August (and nearly September), but I've been thinking about my New Year's resolution as I'm about to start a new class which sums it up.

Going back to late last year, I was feeling really bored with scrapbooking. It had become a chore and I wasn't being creative at all, whizzing through the photos completing basic scraplifts. It had stopped becoming the creative outlet it was when I started in 2003. My New Year's resolution was to be more creative in 2010. I started looking into scrapbooking reatreats, as I had attended similar weekends years ago. The costs have gone up a lot over the past few years and the logistics of going away for a weekend with a young family at home seemed unlikely.

That was when I discovered Shimelle Laine's blog and online classes. Shimelle was one of the tutors I remembered from those weekends away and I knew I had enjoyed her classes. I signed up for her "Something from Almost Nothing" class, which was £10 for a month (what a bargain!). I really enjoyed the class and also took part in "Love your photos Love your pages" (see previous posts!)

I've also signed up to a gorgeous Sassafras Lass class by the very talented Leila Bentahar, but I'm yet to complete it as I've only just decided on my photos. I'm eyeing up two more classes I've found on Big Picture Scrapbooking and My Creative Classroom, but more of those later (if I feel like I can squeeze them into my day!).

With so many new products around I've found this such a great way of learning new techniques and getting excited about scrapbooking again. I've also met (online) some very talented crafters taking part in the classes who have inspired me too.

Onto the next class which starts tomorrow... "Learn Something New" from Shimelle will have a prompt every day - I'm hoping I can keep up. I've made my album. It's very mini (3.5" x 4") with chipboard covers. I've made up a box of co-ordinated papers and embellishments, so I should be able to make a little page fairly quickly.

Looking forward to getting more creative



  1. Great post and great album cover! I started online classes at Big Picture Scrapbooking, then found Shimelle and My Creative Classroom. Such wonderful resources!

  2. I love the homeliness of your cover!