Sunday, 8 August 2010

Inspiration in a tent

It's been a quiet week at my desk as we've been camping at New Wine. There's not much time for crafting when you're in a tent with three small children!. However there was a very inspiring art exhibition at the conference and I particularly enjoyed the work of Emily Bradbury and her lovely feltmaking. Here's an example..

I also found a gorgeous selection of glass millefiori beads at the Infinite Beads stand. I have a weakness for glass millefiori as I love making the Fimo version so much and my everyday necklace is one made with similar beads simply strung on elastic. However it needs some TLC at the moment after the children use it to swing off and so I've treated myself to some new beads.

These beads are very new to the company and aren't on their website just yet, but they said they'd be happy to help anyone who sent an e-mail asking about them.

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