Thursday, 19 August 2010

Box puppets

The summer holidays are here and so I've pulled out my box of boxes, bottles, packaging etc to get making with the girls. We were inspired by an episode of Mister Maker on Cbeebies to make these puppets from two identical sized boxes that are sellotaped together at the open ends to make the puppet.

When I asked the girls what animal they wanted to make, it came as no surprise that they requested pink cats, particularly when they saw my shiny pink acrylic paint. These worked really well ( although I did use my glue gun instead of the glue stick they used on the programme so that they could be played with enthusiastically without everything falling off!).

I'm very happy at the moment as I won one of Shimelle's challenges at the weekend! My name was picked out for the "Up Above" photography challenge (my night sky photo) and I've won a pack of photo papers of my choice. Thanks Shimelle :)

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