Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I am a sewing nerd

I have recently realised I am a nerd! I used to have a top which said "I love Nerds", referring to my husband who gets quite excited about databases and graphs, but I think I am one too!

My nerd qualifications...
I did Maths and Physics A levels.
I read sci-fi/ fantasy books.
I can name just about all the characters in the six Star Wars films and used to own a life size cardboard cut out of Princess Leia.
I can name most of the characters in every different Star Trek series and all the Doctor Who actors.
One of my favourite TV shows is "Big Bang Theory"

Why a "sewing" nerd?
I'm not particularly excited by most technology, however I am super excited by my new sewing machine. I have just used my walking foot for the first time. It's amazing!

I think this picture sums me up pretty well...



  1. I think i must be a nerd as well. I studied Maths and Physics A Levels too! And love The Big Bang. Plus i studied Computer Science at uni. But i am unfortunately not a sewing nerd, as every time i attempt to use a sewing machine it always gets the better of me!

  2. Haha that did make me chuckle. Not as clever as you with the A levels but like your thinking about Dr Who. :)

  3. There's nowt wrong with being a nerd :D
    C xx