Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Hello Kitty craft party

The blonde one asked for a Hello Kitty making party this year. I got my thinking cap on and tried to think of ideas that seven 7-year-olds would like to do without spending too much.

I started with these cookie cutters and I made some gingerbread biscuits. I was very impressed with these cutters as they cut beautifully and the design stayed very clear after baking.

Decorating the biscuits at the party quickly turned into "How many sweets can I fit on a biscuit?", but the girls enjoyed it.

I printed out a few Hello Kitty patterns for Hama beads (as we have a massive pot of beads from Ikea and a selection of pegboards from various kits). I paid for some software from here to quickly make the patterns.

We also used some Hello Kitty stickers and shiny hearts and star stickers to decorate some inserts for snow globes, which the girls thought were very exciting. I had some Hello Kitty Sizzlits dies for my Sidekick and so I cut out a few shapes and the girls made some cards too.

I attempted a cake which didn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped. It's supposed to be a house, but looks a bit more like a bus! With one of the girl's Hello Kitty figures stood next to it and lots of chocolate to eat, everyone liked it, and it tasted yummy.

We put everyone's creations into these party bags from Tesco along with a few sweets. My favourite comment from one of the girl's was " This is the best party ever!"


  1. It did indeed sound like "the best party ever" Love the idea of the hama beads as a party activity. The cake looks delicious too.


  2. Such a cute party, great job!