Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fimo class fun

Last weekend I spent a fun day teaching Fimo workshops at a local craft shop called Spinning Weal. It's such a lovely shop with a wealth of fabric , wool, felting, spinning and or course Fimo. It's also a great place to go for advice and help and has a fantastic "have-a-go" atmosphere.

I had 9 pupils across two workshops and we spent the day making millefiori canes from Fimo, particularly looking at kaleidoscope techniques, and how to make beads and buttons. This came in handy when one lady cut into her rose cane to reveal the finished design and was immediately convinced it looked like intestines instead of a rose! I showed her how to cut up the cane a transform it into a repeating pattern, which she was more pleased with (phew!)

I have classes coming up in April and June if you'd like to come and play. The information is all here.

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