Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bird bags

I made some bags to sell at the craft fair way back in November and I had this idea in my head to make bags with appliqued birds on. The pattern for the basic bag comes from Amy Butler's book "Amy Butler's Style stitches" . It turned out much bigger than I though it would be! The original bag had a bluetit on one side...

and a goldfinch on the other side...

I love how these birds turned out. There was a lady called Louise who had a table on the other side of the craft fair who was enamoured by this bag and asked if I could make her some commission bags with different birds on.

So one bag became three bags...

The first bag had a robin on one side... (This was my favourite bird of all. It turned out so well)

... and an owl on the other side.

The third bag had a pheasant on one side...

... and a partridge on the other.

I love these birds and I will definitely be using this technique again. I think about cushions and aprons at the moment, but not for craft fairs for now, just for me.


  1. Not surprised the woman at the Craft Fair liked these they are gorgeous. I particularly like the pheasant and the robin. Beautifully stitched. :)

  2. They are gorgeous - what a talent you have for getting the birds just right.

  3. LOVE these little birdie bags Emy :) Soooo cute!