Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Two projects in one

I've been trying to catch up with the techniques in Julie's "It's Sew Easy" class but I've also been aware of all the other projects waiting to be finished. I was particularly keen to finish off my album I started at Donna Downey's workshops in London a few weeks ago. We had worked on the canvas pages on the day but there were several paper pages waiting to be decorated. I decided to put the two projects together and use Julie's fantastic techniques as backgrounds for my pages.

The pages at the top show the tag techniques from the sewing class, and below shows the completed pages in the album. (Click on the pictures to get a closer look)

Julie also showed us mono-printing techniques and I had a fun time getting really painty making these pages - you'll notice a bit of free-motion sewing creeping in too!

I'll show you the rest of the canvas album tomorrow...


  1. You HAVE been busy..love the look of your canvas album

  2. Gorgeous stuff, Emy! Love the purple paint and your monoprints turned out way cool!

  3. Oh, and forgot to say that I love how you used just a portion of the white "flags" on your page! I'm going to steal that idea! ;)

  4. you have been busy great work