Thursday, 5 May 2011

Crafting around the edges

A popular theme for crafty blog posts is WOYWW (or "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday") and so this post should probably be titled WOYLFT (or"What's On Your Lounge Floor Thursday"). This shows an update on how the big quilt I'm working on is coming along. I've sewn all the diamonds onto papers (nearly 800) and so now I can start stitching them together.

My lounge floor...

This is a great example of "crafting around the edges" which is how I get anything done. Most of my time is spent looking after my three kids and the general tidying, cooking and washing that accompanies that but I squeeze in crafting whenever I can. I have this basket of sewing so I can stitch a few diamonds together given a spare half an hour. I organise my photos into scrapbook kits with coordinated papers and embellishments and sometimes a sketch too, so that I can whip a page up if I find a spare hour. I also have sketch books for jotting down ideas as I find I have quite a bit of thinking time in the day but not a lot of sitting at my desk. Now the kids are getting a bit older they like to sit next to me and create alongside me. I've now introduced the girls to Fimo, so I can play along with them - they particularly like winding the handle on the pasta machine for me!

Do you have any top tips for squeezing in crafting into your day?


  1. Those look very prettty on your lounge floor!

  2. teehee, I love What's on your lounge floor wednesday!!! Mine is the same, except it's my dining room! Lovely quilt, looking forward to seeing more of that while you are working on it. I love quilting too:)

  3. love the floor :) you sound a lot more organised than me for planning your crafting

  4. wow that's some dedicated quilting! I craft of an evening once we settle down - my craft table is in the TV room - so I'm not off in a separate room being anti-social I can be sat at my table whilst hubby watches TV etc! That way I get plenty of crafting time!

  5. that really made me laugh the woylft, i have just finished a mini book, ans as i scrapbook on the floor in my living room, well lets just say its quite the assault course at mo :)
    my tip is to prepare everything you need one day, then the next time you have a spare few minutes, everything is in place for you to get on with your craft.

  6. I love English patchwork - it takes a while but is so nice to do. I agree with you - it's something I can pick when I have a little bit of sewing time, so always have some on the go.

    I also like to sew in the evenings in front of the TV so I can sit with my husband, rather than being shut away with the sewing machine. It can make it hard to follow programs though as I only listen to the dialogue, rather than watch it properly. I sat through a two-hour detective program last week and by the end had no idea who the murderer was!!

  7. Great idea, DD is 5 & usually crafts alongside me, I'm just about to introduce her to Fimo, we're going to make some things next weekend hopefully :D