Sunday, 15 May 2011

A page with a story

This is one page that definitely needs journalling to explain the weird and wonderful world of my daughter! The question was how to create a page about something only in her imagaination? She loves to make up creatures. She tells us their names and what they look like and uses them as a way of name calling, (but in a nice way) - "you snuffer", "a punkiskunkunk is small and looks like an ant and a tree".

I tried to capture at bit of her at this age by using her fingerprints to help tell the story...

I used the Monstorosity collection by Sassafras Lass on this page. Shimelle set a challenge to create a page with a story behind the photo. I really pleased with how I've told this story.


  1. That is a fab page with a fab story behind it.

  2. Love this page - the concept & the LO :)