Monday, 10 February 2014

Scrapbooking an Imaginary friend

My little boy has an imaginary friend. Yesterday I asked him to count how many people were in our family. He answered "1...2...3...4...5.......and my friend astronaut,6". As "My friend Astronaut" seems to be part of our family it is only right that he makes an appearance in a scrapbook! 

The boy has a great imagination and tells lots of stories about adventures he has with his friend Astronaut (who is also 4 I have been told), but his drawing skills aren't quite up to recording what Astronaut looks like. Luckily we had a big sister handy who could document him for me.

I finished off the page with various space themed stickers and rub-ons I had handy in my craft stash.

I am very happy that the astronaut has made his scrapbook debut.


  1. That's a fabulous layout and one to treasure in the future as imaginary friends don't tend to stay around forever. I had two as a youngster and used to stop people sitting where they were sat on a bus - my Mum had her hands full with me!

  2. How sweet! Lovely to include his art!

  3. That's a great layout and I'm sure he deserves his own album!

  4. Ahhh bless! That's a very sweet photo of him too.
    Rosey x

  5. My GD (2 1/2) has imaginary cats! Mummy, daddy and 5 babies. She gets distraught when she thinks one is lost LOL

    1. Love the imaginary cats! The boy also used to have an imaginary pet duck called Steven!