Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Christmas sheep bauble, or should that be Baaaaable!

Things gave been a little quiet on here as we have been besieged with winter illnesses, but when I wasn't nursing a poorly child, I did manage to get a little crafting done. We had a Christmas tree festival last weekend at church and it included a craft stall selling things for our chosen charity (UWCM). I decided to try to make some Christmas baubles to sell and came up with these sheep. I love them and I'm a bit sad they all sold - but I can always make some more!

They are a no-knit woolly decoration. I started with a polystyrene ball and wound some white wool around it. I think I actually used a cotton yarn, but it was just whatever I had left in my wool box. I wrapped the yarn around the ball until it was completely covered and then tied it off and used the same yarn to make a hanging loop. I made the hanging loop now so that I could hold it up and work out where to stick the face.

The head is made from a ball of black wool just wrapped around itself until it got to the size I liked. I sewed on two tiny white beads for eyes. I could have used small wobbly eyes, but I didn't have any. I cut out a strip of black felt with rounded ends to make the ears and glued the ears to the body with the head stuck on top. I pushed a pin through the head while the glue was drying.

I used 31/4 needles and knitted a scarf which was 3 stitches wide so didn't take long to knit and stitch around the sheep's neck. The sheep was finished by gluing 4 tiny black pompoms onto the base of the sheep for legs.

I love how these turned out and I would love to make more. And speaking of the Christmas tree festival, there was a vote to choose the favourite tree and our Brownies tree won - Hurray!

Around the base of our tree were pinecone hedgehogs in willow baskets that the Brownies made themselves, as well as pompom caterpillars, bead dragonflies and foam owls. I'm so pleased that everyone liked it so much as we had a lot of fun making it.

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  1. Oh that's gorgeous, loving the tree too. I love Christmas tree festivals and all the handmade decorations - absolutely gorgeous!