Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Christmas church Banner

I have started a new craft group at church and together we are working on banners to be hung in the church. This is our first banner from our new group and it has worked so well. We had lots of lovely comments from members of the church on Sunday.

We used lots of 2" squares of fabric with Bondaweb on the back of each one to create the background, which were all ironed in place. We used a LOT of Bondaweb!

The star is made from gold fabric which was also used to bind the edges of the banner and looks very festive. As we are beginners to making banners there are lessons learned from every one we make. This time I could have used much thicker gold cord as the star's rays.

And , of course, we had to have sheep on the banner this year. Why sheep? Our church have a knitted sheep trail around our town to encourage people to come to a Christmas church service. Some of the kids in our church have made a fantastic video to promote the sheep trail. I'm not technically minded and can't get the video to appear on here , but you can see it on Youtube HERE.

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