Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Love: Fairisle

Denny Yoke Fairisle jumper from Fatface
 I have been looking for a fairisle jumper for about a year. Last year there were a couple around, but they seemed to be mostly "reverse fairisle" which to me just looks like you are wearing your jumper inside out!
At last there are lots to choose from. Needless to say my budget doesn't stretch to all these, but my Mum has said I can choose one as a Christmas present - Yay!  I think I am going to choose the jumper in the top picture from FatFace as I love the colours.

Fatface have a lovely selection of fairisle this season including this gilet...
Erin Fairisle Gilet from Fatface

...and this cardigan.
Lucy Fairisle cardigan from Fatface
 This is a top from Seasalt
Thimble cardigan from Seasalt

I am particulalry fond of this Tank top from Joules as it reminds me of a tank top my Mum knitted me in the early 80's. My little sister and my Mum and I had matching ones!
Alfreda Fairisle women's knit from Joules
 The next three are from Crew Clothing. I love the length of the tunic (3rd picture).

Brighton jumper from Crew Clothing

Bridford jumper by Crew Clothing

Bridford tunic by Crew Clothing

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  1. All great patterns and woollies. How lovely to know what you're getting for Christmas already and it is only September. :)