Monday, 17 June 2013

Bake for Books

At the girls' school they are having a fundraising effort to raise money for new books for the school library called Bake for Books. We are having bake sales on occasional Fridays and each year is taking it in turns to host the sale. There is also a competition to see which year can raise the most money - nothing like bringing out the competitive nature of mums!! It was our turn this Friday and I baked loads of cakes and biscuits. I had a go at two new recipes.

The first one was Rainbow Cookies. These were a great recipe for a bake sale as they have to be made the day before and left in the fridge overnight before slicing. I also added to the recipe by adding 100g melted chocolate and sprinkles to one end. The recipe is here. It really does make nearly 4 dozen biscuits!

This was the other recipe I tried - Whoopie Pies! They were yummy and this recipe had melted marshmallows in the middle. They aren't as pretty as the rainbow cookies, but a little icing sugar dusted on the top made them a bit more presentable . The recipe is here. I wouldn't bother with the optional melted chocolate on the top as they are definitely sweet enough.

And the news just in is we have raised over £270 and we are in second place. The total raised so far is over £1000 !


  1. Love the rainbow ones, they look like ice lollies! Well done on raising the money.

  2. Love the look of those rainbow cookies. How much did you raise?


    1. Hi Tracey, we raised £273.87 - that's quite a few books!