Saturday, 20 April 2013


The Boy received a cowboy outfit for Christmas and he loves it. He puts it on and gallops around on his hobby horse. He has even galloped into pre-school for Book Week! I set out to look for some cowboy themed stickers and found that a little while ago October Afternoon had produced a cowboy range called "Sasparilla".

The stickers even included a red patterned neckerchief just like the one in the photo. I love the vintage style of the cowboy drawings, like they are from a 50's comic book.

I have rediscovered my selection of eyelets! Look out for more eyelets appearing on my layouts again. I'm loving the look of them again.

As I uploaded the photos onto here, I realised that I hadn't put an obvious title on the page as I usually would. There is a little "Yee-haw" sticker, which I love as the Boy does love shouting that when in costume. The woodgrain background paper (which is by Glitz Designs from their Color Me Happy collection) has the words " Live for Adventure" already printed on it, so I guess have a title after all!


  1. Ha Ha - That's SO adorable and the "bullet holes" are Fab!!

    1. That's great - I hadn't even thought of the bullet hole look!! I just like eyelets! I love the connection

  2. Yee haa! A fab page there, Emy. The bullet holes are inspired!
    Sue x

  3. Love this, gorgeous layout.
    C xx