Monday, 4 March 2013

Rocket Age pages

A while ago October Afternoon brought out a lovely collection called "Rocket Age". That looks nice, I thought, but why would I want space related papers? After a trip to the Science Museum in London and a Space topic at school I soon found out why I needed them!

I love the sticker collection on this page...

Here are my little astronauts. My little boy keeps demanding that he wants a real rocket to go to the moon NOW! A cardboard box rocket covered in tin foil wasn't good enough!

I used the end of a paintbrush to draw on white painty circles as orbit type circles with some Jolee's planet stickers I found a while ago.

I'm very happy with my space pages.


  1. Love the paint circles inspired idea

  2. They are wonderful pages!! Love them both.

  3. I LOVE these layouts! I especially like the paint circles on the second :)

  4. Gorgeous layouts Emy, love the second one.
    C xx