Thursday, 31 January 2013

Backgrounds with Neocolor crayons

 Yesterday I tried to catch up on all the videos I haven't watched yet from the Creative Jumpstart series and there was a fantastic video by Ronda Palazzari about using Neocolor II watercolour crayons. I've had my set for a while and used them quite a bit but they have been left untouched for a few months so it was great to get some ideas to play with. I decided to make some backgrounds as the starting point for some scrapbook pages. Some of these have been made with specific photos in mind and some are just random creations.

The first page (above) has a layer of gesso with another layer of gesso painted over a stencil before being left to dry. Then the Neocolors were scribbled over the top before being sprayed with water. I then rubbed it with by fingers.

The next page (below) has the same technique. This looks a little more random but I have a photo in mind for this and I'm hoping it will make sense in the end!

This one used a Crafter's Workshop stencil and I coloured in some of the sections with the Neocolors before doing a light mist over the top with a Glimmer Mist.

Same technique again here using a Studio Calico hexagon template, but I sprayed the hexagons after I had coloured them in to make the drips.

Neocolors on a rubber stamp. The stamp was re-wetted (is that a real word?) between stampings rather than reapplying the colour. This technique came from another video by Dina Wakely, but seeing as I had my Neocolors out, I thought I'd try this one too.

Neocolors on a foam stamp. These foam stamps are part of the Claudine Hellmuth Layers range and so I may well go back over the top of the coloured circles using the coordinating line stamp.

And just in case you are wondering if all this water, gesso, misting etc makes the pages curl... yes it does. But I don't worry about it as they soon flatten out once they have been inside a scrapbook squashed between other pages for a while.

Hopefully I'll be able to turn these into some finished pages soon, so come back and see how they turned out .