Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dymo tape canvas

I have written an article in the current issue of Scrap365 about using Dymo tape on scrapbook pages and so I thought I'd share a canvas I recently made for a friend using more tape.

I was talking about church banners with my friend Kate and she came up with an idea for this Bible verse from Song of Songs to be written over a background of other verses about love. I took her idea and ran with it , using my embossed Dymo tape to write out the verses.

It took three evenings of clicking away with my Junior Dymo embossing label maker to complete enough tapes to cover the background (the finished canvas is a bit bigger than A4). I was able to use any colours of tape from my generous stash as I coated the whole thing with a couple of layers of gesso at the end.

I cut out a heart stencil from some scrap card and used my fingers to rub on the different paint colours. I then rubbed on some more paint around the edges of the canvas. Using my fingers to apply the paint meant that I had good control over where the paint was going and how it highlighted the embossed words.

I used matte multi medium to add pieces of tissue paper on the surface and I also used it to do an image transfer of some birds and book text. I added a few bits of microporous tape on the edge of the heart and printed with some bubble wrap too.

I wrote the verse with my large brush Pitt pen. That was the scary bit! I tired it out on some scrap paper first to check the size of my lettering and how it would fit in the heart and then I went for it. I was very relieved at the end to step back from the canvas and see no spelling mistakes!


  1. Love this idea, will definitely give it a try on my next journal page thanks for sharing :)

  2. That is a wonderful technique and a beautiful way of portraying that verse.

  3. Love the idea of using embossing tape as a background. Very creative!! Dymo actually has a caption maker with 3 interchangable wheels so you can do all caps, all lowercase, and even script font. A background of script font on a scrapbook page would look really pretty. :)