Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Fimo Owl and a feather cane

I've started teaching Fimo workshops again recently (after a long gap) at a fabulous local craft shop called Spinning Weal. The shop is known for fabric, wool, felting and spinning with great workshops and a while ago they added a stand of Fimo. I had an idea to make one of my owls to sit in the shop and apparently he has prompted lots of great comments. A lot of people have thought he's fabric and get a surprise when the owl feels hard to touch. I felt that a knitting owl sitting on a quilt would feel very at home in the shop!

Here's a closer look at how I make an owl.

I start with a big ball of scrunched up kitchen foil and then wrap a layer of multicoloured leftover Fimo around the foil to smooth it out. When I make millefiori canes with Fimo I always have a distorted image at the ends, but none of it is wasted as you can see here.

The next step is to construct a feather cane for the owl's tummy. For this can I used transparent white to make a sausage shape (cane) with white Fimo wrapped around the edge - this is known as a bullseye cane. I squashed the cane into an oval shape and cut it into short lengths to build up the feather pattern, including some tiny canes of black with white wrapped around it. As I used transparent white, the appearance of the feathers will change once they have been baked.

I cut lots of slices from the cane and covered the front of the owl.

Here's a closer look at the other feathers. There are three different canes on the back as I kept running out of feathers!

Then it's two white circles for the eyes and black eyes, beak and legs.

Can you see how the transparent Fimo has changed now it's been baked and the pattern becomes more obvious?

The millefiori cane for the wings is made up from a selection of bullseye canes.

The quilt is made up from millefiori canes that I made when I was doing a Fimo demonstration at Spinning Weal in September.


  1. OOOO I wish I lived nearer that is flipping AMAZING!! I thought the quilt was material!!

  2. I am so thrilled that I have found you - and have added you to my followers list.

    Looking forward to your contributions in Scrap365 which arrived today

  3. Wow this is stunning, I thought it was a fabric owl when I first saw the picture, he's absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing how you made him. I haven't had a play with fimo yet think I may need to have a play :)

  4. What a gorgeous owl I really love it.

  5. Oh this is absolutely stunning! I can't believe how much work has gone into this you are one talented crafter.

    I can never get the canes to go right I always seem to end up with a mess!

    Brilliant. :)

  6. Really amazing - great job! :)

  7. That is wonderful, I've got loads of Fimo & Sculpey I really should play with it.

  8. Just amazing! What a fabulous skill you have..thanks for sharing. Karen