Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pipecleaner Fairies

On one of our last summer holiday afternoons, I got out lots of bits and bobs with my girls to make some fairies. I would like to add now that I didn't cut any of my kids hair to make these, even though it looks exactly the same colour! I found an old packet of dolls hair from when I used to make dolls for dolls houses as Fimo samples.

We started with a wooden head and a packet of rub-on faces and made a body from pipecleaners, with beads for hands and shoes. We wrapped ribbon around the body, gluing the ends.

The girls chose wide ribbon for the skirt and we folded it in half and they sewed a running stitch along the folded edge. My six-year old has done a bit of sewing before, but this was my 4 year old's first bit of sewing and she did really well.

We wrapped ribbon around the top to make a bodice and I stitched the skirt in place.

Some more running stitch down the centre of some wire-edged ribbon, which was gathered to make the wings.

Finally some of the doll hair was glued on and tied into bunches.


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  2. Wow, these dolls are fantastic! You're very talented and your girls are very lucky to have a Mum who'll show them how to be creative like this.