Sunday, 18 September 2011

Amazing Fimo

Yesterday I spent the day demonstrating Fimo at my local craft shop (the most wonderful Spinning Weal). It was a really good day and one of the staff members referred to it as "standing room only" in the afternoon. The fish brooch above was one of the pieces I took with me as I think it shows the amazing potential of polymer clay. I cannot claim to make anything as fantastic as this. This beautiful brooch was made by the most talented artist Sarah Shriver. I was lucky enough to go to some workshops taught by her a few years ago.

Can you believe these pieces are made from polymer clay! (I know this post is titled "Amazing Fimo", but I'm not sure which brand of clay Sarah uses!)

This is why I love playing with Fimo so much. My kids think it's great and love making models, just like I used to, but the creative potential is limitless.


  1. ooohhh WOW! Truly amazing just love that brooch and bracelet.
    Your blog looks great - bright and cheerful.

  2. Loving the new look blog Emy, I love polymer clay, we used to make badges with it at guide camp, i know I've got loads somewhere, will have to dig it out.