Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today I have my very own "TA-DA" moment. Here is my art quilt I've been working on and I LOVE it! I have really enjoyed taking part in Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's class "It's Sew Easy" and I used the techniques from one of her projects to create this art quilt. I painted the train onto some calico with acrylics and then went crazy with free-motion stitching over the top.

I've been planning to make a pieced train quilt for my little boy's room for a while, in fact I drew out a pattern last summer. At the rate I was going though he was going to be 18 before it actually made it up on his wall! I love this technique of combining sewing and painting as it means I have achieved a finished piece in only a couple of weeks instead of a couple of years.

Can you see the words in the steam?

I switched thread to create the swirly white clouds.


  1. It's a stunning quilt....he'll love it on his wall.

  2. Wow!That's stunning.What a fabulous quilt!

  3. Wonderful quilt, I best not show my 3 yr old he loves trains lol :)

  4. What a fantastic quilt, really lovely.

  5. What a brilliant idea, it looks amazing

  6. Beyond amazing! Love, love, love, LOVE it!