Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This is why I Scrapbook

Last year Shimelle set a challenge to create a piece of artwork to say why we scrapbook. Check out this post on her blog and her fantastic video. I didn't have a blog then and I have just managed to get this up on the wall so it seemed like a good time to post it on here.

I created an art quilt, which I haven't done before. I used a variety of fabrics and printed photos onto fabric, using special fabric from Crafty Computer Paper. I went through my embellishment boxes and picked out lots of old embellishments that have been hanging around for a while. I was so pleased with the result.
I also included the first peg doll I had made in years...

I got some strange looks from my children as they watched me saw the ends off these coloured pencils to make the right heights!


  1. Beautiful quilt, I love all the embellishments and sewn in pictures -- gorgeous.

  2. Absolutely stunning art quilt....what a great way to document why you scrapbook.

  3. Wow what a fantastic quilt! Scrappyjacky told us about this on her blog - Im glad she did! What a great family heirloom xx

  4. Your quilt is wonderfull and so clever too.

  5. Absolutely beautiful: I'm another one delighted to have been sent by Jacky! It really is a gorgeous piece of work.

  6. This is really beautiful! You are so clever... what a lovely keepsake!