Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Works in progress

I have been thinking about Christmas and I am determined to be ready early this year and not have a stressed out December. How many times have I said this in the past?! I already have most of the shopping done, but I love giving handmade Christmas presents and cards and this is where my time usually runs out.

So this week I've made a start on my cards... (using inspiration from the Donna Downey class)

And I've started knitting to make presents for the smallest people on my present list... (The pattern comes from a lovely book called "Itty Bitty Toys")
And it seems like I've been a bit quiet about the Donna Downey class for a couple of weeks, but that's because we are working on an album project spread over 3 weeks and we've had two weeks of building up layers of paint and letting things dry. We're going to finish the album off this week and bring all the elements together.
You'll notice a big spray bottle of water in the middle of the picture which has been used to spray on the pages and help the paint run ("Drippage" as Donna calls it). The ginger one has been helping me with my "homework" by spraying my pages, but she got a bit overenthusiastic and started spraying towards my trays of scrapbook papers - Nooooo! Maybe not such a good idea after all.

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  1. that all looks very interesting. love the look of the last project