Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow in November

This week has seen the most snow in the UK at this time of year for 17 years. This has been such a gift for scrapbookers leading up to Christmas. I've managed to take the annual Christmas photo of our three actually in the snow. I attempted Christmas hats too, but you'll notice the ginger one decided on a pink flower hairband instead.

I was really pleased with my holly photo and I think that could be a great first photo for a December journal, although the thought of starting one of those, may be a step too far as I'm still making Christmas presents. I am starting a new class tomorrow though called "Picture the Holidays" over on Big Picture Classes, but as this will be a photography class, I'm hoping it will be relatively easy to squeeze it in.

We got creative in the snow and made a snow reindeer...

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  1. aww they look so cute great picture for a card. Good luck with the class and have fun x