Saturday, 19 October 2013

An apple tree mandala

I am currently taking part in an online painting class called Bloom True with Flora Bowley. It's really interesting and a great new way to look at painting. I'm really enjoying the process of playing with paint.

One of our class exercises was to draw a mandala pattern, starting in the centre and creating concentric circles where each is a different design. I love pattern and I have been working (slowly) towards making my own patterns. This was a fantastic pattern making exercise and I will definitely be drawing more like this. I took inspiration from an apple tree as I was coming up with repeat motifs.

My lovely family were suitably impressed that I had drawn this. The kids used their most favourite word of the moment - "Awesome" and my husband asked if I had used a stencil. Well done family! I am feeling very appreciated by my family, particularly after I showed them a painting I did as a teenager and the blonde one if it was by Van Gogh!

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  1. oh WOW "Awesome" indeed Emy. I'd love to have a go at colouring that in. Fantastic. Keep creating. And isn't it lovely when the family say great things about our crafting. lol