Monday, 8 October 2012

After a Fimo demo

I had great fun this weekend working alongside the lovely people from Boxes and Busts at the craft show at Cardiff City Stadium. We had lots of people come and learn about Fimo and everyone was fascinated with how to construct millefiori canes.

The day after a demo I sit down with all the canes I've made and work out how to finish off a project before baking. This sunflower bracelet was one of my favourite makes from the weekend. I used my scrap multicoloured clay as a core for the beads before applying slices from the sunflower type cane I'd made.

I made a few kaleidoscope canes too. I love showing people how to make these patterns as it starts out as a few sausage shapes, but gradually changes into these intricate patterns by a series of cutting and reforming the cane.

There were quite a few finished flower canes by the end of the weekend. I've rolled them to be quite small and sliced them up before baking. I've had an idea for a mosaic with lots of millefiori slices and so this can be the starting point for that project.

I've got another couple of projects just baking in the oven and so come back to see how they worked out.


  1. They are just do you do it - gorgeous :)

  2. I wish I lived nearer. I would love you to teach me how to make these. I'll be back to see what you make with those millifiori slices. :)

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