Saturday, 15 September 2012

80's Glam Sharpie happiness

I was really excited to receive these new Sharpies in the post this week. Of course I am excited - it has a pen labelled "Legwarmer Orange". I am an 80's girl at heart. My favourite all time band is A-ha and I have loved them since I was 7. Ah... neon socks, leather straps around the wrists, big backcombed hair, I even had a royal blue wool dress with shoulder pads and a big black plastic belt.

I keep seeing Sharpies mentioned on craft blogs and Pinterest and so decided I needed to expand my collection, When I saw these on special offer, how could I resist?

Here are some Sharpie projects from around the web, firstly from one of my favourite craft bloggers, Alisa Burke...

Doodle Easter Eggs by Alisa Burke

Wooden key fobs from How About Orange

Leopard Tote bag from P.S. I Made This

Shrinky Dink Pendant from ModPodge Rocks

Red Shoes from The Hidden Seed

Tie Dye T-shirts from Sun Scholars

Wellie Boots from Giverslog
For more Sharpie inspiration, check out their blog. And if you are in need of some true 80's glam, click HERE


  1. looking forward to seeing what you do with them :) ..(If you can bear to open them ;))

  2. I'm so pleased you visited my blog, Emy. I've enjoyed browsing yours.
    Sue x

  3. wow I never knew a Sharpie marker could be used in such a creative way, mine is only used to label things. haha.

    The tie-dye t-shirts look great! :)

  4. wow great ideas, might need to get some myself :)

  5. Great set of pens and fabulous ideas-puts me writing on paper with them to shame!

  6. Great ideas-I love Ailsa Burke's work too!