Saturday, 10 March 2012

The evolution of "Love"

When I opened up my latest box of goodies from Quirky Kits I knew I wanted to make a page combining the yellow diagonal stripe paper, the blue chevron envelope and the pink stripy paper bag the kit came in.

Once again I have used a photo of the ginger one on a yellow page. She has a very sunny disposition and photos of her always look right on a yellow background. She has been learning to write and she loves it, always jotting down notes and trying her best to write stories. The main thing she writes are cards for us, "Deey (dear) Mummee, luf... ". We love the way she wrote "luf" but it has quickly changed to the correct spelling. I didn't want the moment to pass without recording it and she helped write out the words and an alphabet for the page. She was sitting next to me working on her own scrapbook while I was putting this page together.

You may notice I have bought a roll of hearts washi tape (from here). I love it, and so does the ginger one, who used quite a bit on her scrapbook page too. The stitched hearts work well over the layers too.


  1. Lovely bright layout, and so lovely that you could capture this moment. very cute x

  2. Great photo-love the layout!

  3. Super cute page! I love all of these bold, stripy patterns together!