Thursday, 9 February 2012

New things and exciting news

First of all some exciting news, I've been asked to join the team writing for Sewing World magazine. Hurray! It's lovely to have an excuse to buy more fabric!

With all the magazine projects and workshops that I've been doing lately I decided to treat myself to a few new things. I am not a fan of shopping (unless it's craft shopping or course), and I particularly don't enjoy shoe shopping much. I think I'm too practical as I do stop and look at beautiful shoes, but I can't imagine when I would wear them so never buy them. I found these boots after a chat with a friend and they are from Josef Seigel and they were in their online half price sale (hurray again!). The colour is interesting and I really like the stitched detail so they appeal to the practical me and the decorative me.

I have never coveted a tea towel before until I saw this one in the Emma Bridgwater catalogue before Christmas. I thought I had dropped enough hints before Christmas but I didn't find one wrapped up under the tree, so I was very pleased to find it in their January sale (can you tell I'm a bit of a bargain hunter). I haven't used it to dry dishes yet. Will I? I'm not sure yet. I like it so much I could almost frame it.

My ultimate sale bargain this year was a new duvet cover from the beautiful shop Anthropologie. I get their catalogue in the post every now and again but the prices are so out of my league that I usually just look at the very pretty and stylish pictures for inspiration. I was so excited to find one of their patchwork duvet covers for £25... reduced from £278!

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  1. My friend has the exact same boots and swears by them-so comfy and they look fab!Good luck with the writing!