Friday, 22 July 2011

A present for a teacher

It's the end of the school year - hurray! I'm really looking forward to the summer holidays. My daughter has had a great teacher this year who has really looked out for her and her learning has come on really well. I wanted to make a gift for the teacher but never really know where to start. Last year I saw a project on UKScrappers where a mum had collected up pictures from her child's class and presented them in a beautiful folder and it really inspired me.

A couple of weeks ago we sent out letters to the children in the class with a piece of card to ask if they could do a little drawing for the book. I was really nervous about doing this as I wasn't sure about the response we would get. Families are really busy this time of year and I thought we might not get many replies. Thankfully we had a great response with pictures from almost everyone in the class and some lovely comments from the parents about what a great idea it was.

My daughter helped me decorate the book and here are some of the pictures and messages we got - aren't they great! (these aren't all the pages but I wanted to keep all the names out of the pictures).


  1. What a lovely and special gift, I'm sure it was really appreciated.

  2. How lovely - a really worthwhile way to use your skills!
    Helen S

  3. gorgeous book and really good idea, must remember this for next yr. :)

  4. Oh that's fab, I bet the teacher loved it.