Thursday, 8 May 2014

A new start - Project Life pages

Wow, it's been ages since I've written a blog post. Things have been busy and complicated as family life usually is. I agree to do things and then other things happen (poorly children etc) and everything can spiral out from there. So, time for a new start.

I've got lots of things to blog about but this page seems a good place to begin. I love scrapbooking but have been feeling a little uninspired so I decided to give the Project Life style pages a go. I have tried in the past and I did not like how they turned out. I signed up for a "Pocket Pages" class on the True Scrap website, which I found quite interesting to get me started. 

I was also very inspired by the pages from Magda Bolinska. Her pages are fabulous and vibrant and I love the use of paint.

So here's my first go. I mostly used supplies from a "Day in the Life" kit from Cocoa Daisy. The page came together really easily and I like how it looks. I will definitely try a few more PL style pages.

I am currently taking some time to ponder where I am going to be taking my artwork as I'm not sure magazine writing has long term potential. I've taken a few months off writing at the moment, but having said that, a little peek of one of my projects is on the front cover of the latest issue of Scrap365.

It's the star in the bottom right hand corner! I'm on the front cover - woohoo! It feels like my very own Mike Wazowski moment... 


  1. That looks lovely Emy. I love the colours. That's a nice kit. You make it look really easy.
    I've never done PL as it involves buying a lot of new stuff (in the UK) and I have promised myself I would use as much of my stash as possible before buying anymore new things....

  2. OOooo love it Emy - gorgeous papers and I love all the pockets :)

  3. I'm just starting out on Pocket Scrapping and am loving it. Your pages are inspiring, thank you.
    Sue x

  4. Lovely! Well done on making the front cover too!

  5. It's a great looking spread. I'm just starting with PL too, having fallen off the scrapping wagon long ago! Congratulations on your front cover appearance. You're in good company there with the lovely Sian :o)

  6. A great spread - lovely colours :) and well done for getting in the front page!